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1. Until a bus is operating on Cortes, a local on island rideshare network could provide part of the need by individual co-op driving members organizing van/car rideshare using a ICC vehicle located in their neighbourhood. The driving member would be responsible for collecting his own fees from riders to cover costs paid to Co-op for time used. This is similar to using your own vehicle but offers the option of a fair balance of real total costs covered by the riders and driver but still at the discretion of the driver. The driver receives no payment for driving.

2. For organizations, businesses & groups the future ICC could offer group membership rates.

3. Ideally the neighbourhood vehicles could be electric, have standardized batteries that could be exchanged to allow for longer charge times incorporating solar, wind, etc… into the charging picture. They could be used golf cart gem cars, converted gas to electric vehicles or the future may provide us with an affordable, environmentally friendly surprise.

4. Bicycles could be owned by co-op and rented to members and returned to hubs as well. We would hope to work with our local Monkey Wrench Bikes to make this service so it also supports them. The ICC could help encourage youth to get on the bikes by applying for grants to provide rewards (like bicycles, or rental use of) for riding the school bus frequently, walking & riding a bicycle to school. Maybe we could convert a vehicle to electric together with the school senior class and keen adults.

5. Solving Ferry transportation expense and GHG emissions. An ICC car in Campbell River could be parked in a designated hub for use when the local transit is not an option; parents of high school students in town, out of town soccer trips, ski trips, medical appointments, camping trips etc...

6. Once established we could include Quadra, Read, Refuge Cove and Campbell River in the future. Until a bus is operating on Quadra an ICC vehicle could be located on Quadra as a possible van-pool to cross to connect with ferry. This option also would need to first encourage members to use our existing Cortes Connection as this is a very valuable asset to our transportation system and community, and as more of us give up private ownership of vehicles the more we will use the Connection